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Prince Towncar & Limousine

30 May

Prince Towncar & Limousine

Here at Prince Towncar & Limousine , we’ve covered the questions you should ask when booking a limousine service, and we’ve covered the questions to ask when booking a car service. But we haven’t yet covered the questions you should not ask, so we’re going to take all the guesswork out of it for you. We’ve compiled a list of actual questions that have been asked to limousine drivers that you simply don’t have to ask your Prince Towncar & Limousine driver.
#1 – Does My Limousine Come With a Driver?
The simple answer is yes. All of the Chauffeurs at Prince Towncar & Limousine are professionally trained and are dedicated to making sure your ride is comfortable, no matter what. Your Chauffeur will always be able to make suggestions for the best restaurants, hotels, and attractions in their city. They will also make sure you have everything you need for any occasion.
#2 – Will You Pick Me Up?
Of course we will! Your limousine or car service will arrive promptly at any location you choose. It will take you to any location you choose, wait for you, then take you anywhere else. Your Chauffeur will always be just a phone call or text message away to ensure that you are taken care of.
#3 – Can I Drive?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer guest driving in our limousines or car services, but why would you want to drive? After all, you’ve hired one of our professional Chauffeurs to take you anywhere you need to go. Your job is to sit back and relax and enjoy being taken care of. Having everything done for you takes some getting used to, but you’ll enjoy it.
#4 – Can I Sit Up Front?
Well, you can if you want to, but all the really cool amenities are available in the back of the limousine service. Still, it you really want to sit up front, we can arrange that for you. Just don’t touch any of the buttons.
#5 – Can I Touch the Buttons?
We’ve covered this already. If you want to touch any of the buttons in the limousine service you’ll have to ride in the back. There, you’ll have full control of the atmosphere. You can play your own music from your smartphone, you can control the air and heat, and you can even control the lighting. There are unlimited possibilities.
#6 – Do I Have to Pay for Your Limousine or Car Service?
Yes. We’re not free, but you’ll see that our services are well worth the cost. We’re affordable, especially in this economy where gas prices are soaring, parking fees are rising, and people’s time is worth more and more. You’ll want to spend the extra money just to ensure that you’re able to fully enjoy the limousine or car service experience.
#7 – Can We Be Friends?
We’re already friends! We’re your friendly limousine and car service, and we’re always here for you. We might not be able to cry over a glass of wine with you when you and your boyfriend break up, and we may not be able to start that bromance you’ve always wanted. But we’ll always be just a click away, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. We’ll never leave you stranded, we’ll always know your name, and we’ll give you our phone number. We’re not just your friend. We’re your best friend.
So, now that you know how amazing we are at what we do, and you know how we’re always here for you and that your comfort means more to us than just about anything (we do have families), it’s time to book a car service or limousine for your next event.