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16 Sep

Pick the Right Executive Transportation Company

To the average consumer, it may appear that all Executive Sedan Service companies are created equal.  Their job is simple – pick me up, take me where I ask them to, drop me off safely and charge me a fair price.  Seems simple enough.  While those are the key points, Executive Sedan Service companies are really logistics companies carrying the most precious of cargo, human beings.  Now, not only is this more complicated than moving goods, but humans are particular about the service they expect.  So here are five signs of how you can tell a good company from one who just can’t deliver as promised:


Punctuality is key.  The primary purpose of hiring a sedan service is to get you from point a to point b in a timely and relaxed fashion.  You should never be rushed.  Generally, the sedan service arrives on site 15 minutes prior to your pick up time.  This is strictly for your convenience.  They are there to be ready to go when you are and not there to make you feel rushed.  This also allows for a more relaxing trip, while you are putting your last items together you’ll know that your car is waiting instead of having to worry about where they are.  Now, how do you know ahead of time if they will be punctual? First, I would inquire to ensure that they have a policy to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled pickup time.  Secondly, I would either look at their website or inquire to see testimonials of other clients and look specifically if they reference punctuality as a core value.


I always feel like this goes without saying but you would be surprised at some of the answers you get.  You need to inquire specifically about their leet size, defined as their number of vehicles and fleet diversity, which are the types of vehicles they offer customers.  If you have the time requesting a tour of the facility will give you great insight to their fleet.  All vehicles need to appear clean and in top working order.  The vehicles should be relatively new, which is usually defined as less than 5 years old and with relatively low mileage, approximately less than 250,000 miles.  If they have a mechanic on staff with a preventative maintenance program, all the better.  You will want to avoid the one or two car operators.  If a one car operator has a breakdown, then most likely your trip will be canceled.  You need to go with an established company that has depth in their fleet and can handle any situation that arises.


The company needs to be there when you need them.  They should be technologically-savvy and be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  You do not want to have to go through an answering service.  In the event of an issue with your trip you want to be able to speak with someone who can resolve the issue quickly and who knows the system.  This is a simple one, just ask them their office hours and if a customer service professional is on-site 24 hours a day.  They need to be there when you need them.


This is an important one.  Do they refer to their team as chauffeurs or drivers?  This may seem like a minor point but a chauffeur will be in professional attire, is trained to meet and anticipate your every need, and is schooled in getting around situations including road closures, airports, baggage claim areas and traffic congestion.  A driver is just that – a driver.  They get paid to drive you from point A to point B.  While some companies may use the terms interchangeably, a company who puts the chauffeur and the experience at the forefront will be the ones with the outstanding service.  You can inquire about the companies chauffeur training program to quickly determine if they truly have chauffeurs or if they are merely drivers


This is the easiest of all.  How much insurance do they have?  Quite simply, the more insurance that they have the more they care both about you and your safety as well as protecting their own company.  In many cities there are insurance requirements that companies must meet.  You will want to make sure that they at least have the minimum requirement.  In many cities that is $1,000,000 policy.  The other factor to consider is that the more insurance a company carries, the more the insurance carrier wants to protect their investment as well.  So, the insurance company will do site visits, training, and will implement policies with the company to minimize their risk as well.  All of this leads to a safer company. There are many more differences in sedan service companies, but if you can get through these five you will separate the wheat from the chaff and be able to determine who the most reputable companies in your town are.  Ultimately, your experience will dictate but a little preplanning can go a long way to getting an experience that exceeds your expectation.




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